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 Hyperbees media network is a private limited company promoted by a individuals having  experience of more than 2 decades of media related activities. As digital camera technology gets better so is the Image quality. Digital equipments are here to stay and due to budget constraints more and more productions are choosing to down this route. We envisage this trend to usher in a new age of filmmaking and be in the forefront of this new exciting digital age.

With experience in many aspects of professional equipment supplier in the worlds largest film industry, we understand what it takes to build and preserve your professional reputation as first among equals.  Drawing on more than 20 years experience in such diverse areas of feature film productions, buying and selling all kinds of cinematographic equipments Digital as well as Film, as facility design and installation of various equipments , music recording, television, live entertainment, news and sports production,  Hyperbees media network offers working knowledge of  most of the equipments , its applications and best rates.

Hyperbees also supplies multiple digital and film camera setups completely ready for hire. All of our cameras can be dry hired or supplied with a technician to ensure economical , secure and successful production.