Untitled-15 - Head O'connor 2065D

The 2065 shares the ergonomic design of OConnor’s higher- payload fluid heads. Pan and tilt brakes are conveniently located on the left side of the head – so operation is both intuitive and familiar. The platform is equipped with dual scales, one on each side, and four handle rosettes to allow operation from either side of the head as well as front or back handle mounting. The head weighs just 22.9 lbs. (10.4 kg) and has a payload of 0-71 lbs. (32.2 kg).



Untitled-14 - O'connor Head 2575D


The flagship of OConnor’s Ultimate range of fluid heads. Featuring OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add to this OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag, and you’ve got ultimate control and stability for film style shooting. The head has 90 to 90 degree tilt, and a folding crank handle with numerical readout for fast, precise and repeatable counterbalance adjustments.


Ronford Baker Atlas 30 Fluid Head


The Atlas 30 is a slightly less well-known but no less able fluid head than the O’Connor series. With a payload of around 30kg, it is more suited to 35mm Digital cameras or 16mm cameras. Ronford Baker have a long history of quality engineering and the Atlas is a great example of this – with logical pan and tilt switch positions and clear markings.

With 150mm bowl or Moy fittings included, this is a reliable alternative to the O’Connor.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight : 9 Kgs / 19.80lbs.
  • Height : 26 cm / 10 ¼”
  • Height from tripod top with ball fitting 20 cm / 8” With Mitchell fitting 25 cm / 9 ¾”
  • Width : 23 cm / 9”
  • Depth : 18 cm / 7”
  • Maximum load : 30 Kgs.

 MODEL 2015 



The 2015 head incorporates two sealed fluid units which, by the use of four simple on/off leavers, can be varied from a cushioned free head to the heaviest control required in fifteen stages with a smooth accurate action. The quick release camera plate is infinitely adjustable for camera lens balance, with built-in foolproof safety stops, and scale




Sachtler’s fluid head Cine 30 HD features a sideload mechanism for the camera plate. A key advantage of this technology is that the fluid head can be side-loaded together with its camera set-up – quickly and easily. The mechanism is compatible with camera plates from OConnor and ARRI. The operating elements, manufactured according to 2K processes, are especially convenient. If you need a front box for all sorts of utensils or tools, it is simple to mount an adapter which is exceptionally practical for film and HD shooting.


Studio 9+9


With the Studio 9+9, Sachtler’s unique, patented damping system has been significantly extended. As the name indicates, there are nine levels of extra-powerful drag, ensuring perfect counterbalance in 18 steps. Levels 2 to 7 are fairly fine, while the jump from levels 7 to 9 is much greater. The fluid head also boasts a sliding plate, which has an integrated spindle drive. Centering the camera weight is now fast and easy – just slide the plate quickly into place, and fine tune with the spindle drive if required. The counterbalance system combines the renowned Sachtler system with a dial knob system, compensating perfectly for any load up to 55 kg / 121 lb. In addition, the Studio 9+9 has a viewfinder extension bracket and front box connections as standard features.