MB 602

Studio Matte Box , system for digital Cinematography and UHDTV production

mb602 mb602-1


Swing-Away-Design for quick and easy lens change. Use of two, three or four filters combined with quick-lock filter stages. For bridge plates with 19 mm rods. Connecting diameters of 165 and 142.5 mm fit to Adaptors and Rubber Bellows for all Prime and Zoom lenses of UHDTV-, Movie- and digital Cine cameras.

The set includes one large French Flag and adjustable side wings. The 1st filter stage is not detachable and carries the quick-lock; the second compartment of the set holds 3 filters in 2 stages; both stages rotate. The 2nd and the 3rd filter can be precisely positioned by a toothed gear. The 3rd and the 4th filter are located in one stage and can be moved against each other and rotated together.

A flexible shaft and 4 filter holders are also part of the set.
Optionally a set of 4 masks is available to optimize shading for lenses with longer focal length. For extreme wide angles, the MB602 is used with the additional single filter stage, rotatable, and with geared positioning.



Production Matte Box MB-14


The MB-14 is a production matte box for 19 mm or 15 mm studio support, designed for wide-angle and large diameter lenses.

Main Features

  • Maximum filter size 6.6″ x 6.6″ / round 6″
  • Standard configuration with 4-filter stage; several other filter stages possible
  • One of each filter frame pair toothed for operation by knob or flexible shaft
  • Swing away 90° to the front
  • Top / bottom and side flags
  • Set of masks and French flag holder
  • Wide carrier MB-14-W for lenses from 9.8 mm



4 x 5.65 – Lightweight Matte Box

mb15 mb15-1

  • Continued compatibility with LMB-5 filter trays, adapter backs and light shields
  •  New extended coverage for wide-angle film and digital lenses
  •  New removable sunshade for close-ups and inserts
  • New user-switch able filter guide sets for both 2-stage and 3-stage operation


Compact Matte Box MB-20 II

Like the MB-20 System I, the MB-20 System II is a compact matte box designed to accommodate even
wide-angle lenses like the Fujinon 4.5 13, while still being lightweight enough to be used handheld.
ARRI’s new and innovative patent-pending cage design allows for use of videography-style light shields
without sacrificing durability, and gives full protection of the sunshade against shocks.

compact_matte_box_mb_20_ii_01_det MB-20_II_cage_with_sunshade_and_light_shields_back_det

Main Features

  •  Aside from the basic module and light shields, all parts from MB-20 System I compatible with System II
  •  Designed for film and digital cameras
  • Works with wide-angle HD zooms
  •  Modular construction allows all mounting options
  •  Offers up to three independently rotating filter stages
  •  Accommodates a wide range of filter sizes
  •  All filters can be individually rotated and locked off
  •  Can be equipped with top, bottom, side flags and masks
  •  Provides an upgrade path as wider HD lenses come to market
  •  Locking swing-away lens access
  •  New patent-pending cage