Sliding Top Handle

sliding top handle

As the most convenient method for “grabbing” the camera, the new RED Sliding Top Handle has a rubberized grip and a clamp which attaches to the rail guide system, offering 15 mounting points, plus a rosette connection for additional accessory mounting.


Carbon Black Rod’s

carbon black rod

BLACK ROD 19mm rails are distinguished by their characteristic black finish and aluminum, lightweight build.

  • 19mm rod
  • Weight: 4/7/10 oz


Tacticle Cage

tacticle boxtacticle box1

The DSMC TACTICAL CAGE is a full suit of armor designed for ¼-20 and rosette DSMCconfigurations.

IMPORTANT: TACTICAL TOP PLATE 2.0 will replace the grill on the top of your EPIC or SCARLET.DSMC SIDE HANDLE is not compatible when DSMC TACTICAL RIGHT PLATE is mounted


Quick Release Platform Pack


Designed by RED to provide the lightest and most compact shooting configuration, the DSMC® Quick Release Platform Pack includes the RED Quick Release Platform [Dovetail], two DSMC® Universal Mounts 19mm and a Dovetail Mounting Plate [Long] (for non-ARRI heads). The Quick Release Platform will mount directly on an ARRI head without the Dovetail Mounting Plate.


Top Mount 19MM (RED ONE)


DSMC® Top Mount is a RED ONE-specific Top Mount that attaches via 1/4-20 thread. It is compatible with RED’s quick-release rail technology.


Front Handle Assembly 19MM

front handle

Designed by RED to provide the most secure, yet flexible, method for supporting and balancing theRED camera system, this two handle configuration is the ultimate in comfort, rigidity and versatility.


RED Quickplate


The RED QUICKPLATE provides a basic, reliable solution for powering your camera with a REDBRICK. 2B-TO-1B POWER ADAPTOR CABLE required for use with EPIC or SCARLET-X.


RED Cradle


RED CRADLE allows you to simultaneously mount a RED BRICK and RED DRIVE or RED RAM. 2B-TO-1B POWER ADAPTOR CABLE required for use with EPIC or SCARLET-X.

  • Attaches to DSMC UNIVERSAL MOUNT (19MM or 15MM)